More Character Stories From Seelie Court 2019

Rainbow Philly Table at Seelie Court 2019

We had a blast at Seelie Court two weekends ago! Player Linda Bills was inspired by the cooking log of Robindy Tots and decided to make logs of her character’s adventures. One of those is pasted below, and the other two you can access at the end of the page.

To the dragon-born Clan of Fyrlaf

I write to tell you some distasteful news of you clan member Fyrlaf.  He met with his death under the city of Mulmaster last week while stalking some unsavory characters that were stirring up evil plots against the city.

Allow me to introduce myself.  I am known as Robindy Tots, a master chef and sometime adventurer in this town.  I met Fyrlaf when he and some companions of mine were hired by the city guard to patrol the Zhent quarter of the city at night looking for half-baked plots and plotters.  Our first encounter was with a distraught baker chased from his shop by some pudding-like evil jellos.  As we were all well-seasoned adventurers we defeated them easily and then followed their trail to their layer under the city streets.  It was not a pleasant place to be, nor did we meet with pleasant beings there.  While crossing a “bridge” across a river of raw sewage we were attacked by the bridge itself — a mimic which went from looking like a bridge to looking like a slab of vicious, half-cooked meat. 

You will be proud to know that Fyrlaf strode right out in front, taking on that evil stew, unflinching despite taking serious injury.  You may feel that he should have done more damage more quickly in the fight, burning the mimic to a crisp as quickly and efficiently as a master chef, but I beg you to remember that he is new to his pact and thus his skills are still underdone. 

He also bravely led us into the corridors beyond and thus fell victim to a cube of jello-like substance.   We did our best to rescue him, but, weakened by his earlier fight and completely surrounded by the gelatinous mass, he succumbed.

Inspired on by his gallant sacrifice his left-over companions managed to complete the mission and serve up an assortment of evil-doers to the city guard.

Finally, I regret to inform you that we are unable to send you Fyrlaf’s mortal remains for whatever ceremonies your clan would normally have to honor him.  The ooze that overtook him rendered him un-retrievable.

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