Rainbow D&D Philly

Rainbow D&D Philly is a group interested in claiming space for LGBTQIA+ people and women to play D&D at tables dedicated to them. We generally play in places where there are existing Adventurers League games.

We currently have games on Sundays at noon (two out of every three weeks) at Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse, and Thursdays at 6:30pm (about once a month) at Redcap’s Corner. Look for sessions labeled “Adventurers League LGBT and Women” at these locations:

Amalgam Comics and Coffee House

Redcap’s Corner

If you’re interested in playing with us, or finding other LGBTQIA+ people or women to play with, come on over to our Facebook group here.

Other questions, or not on Facebook? Send us an email at rainbow.dnd.philly@gmail.com